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Model: CPX-109G
 Wireless Home Security Systems, GSM

Built-in GSM Module

Programmable 16 wireless zones
2 way communication
100 meters Transmission Range
Compatible with Remote Control Arming
Reporting in Voice tone format
Built-in 4 Home Automation output

CMS & Personal Report Format
CMS Reporting in Contact ID format
4 personal reporting dialing number
315MHz, 433MHz and 868MHz



IVTEX Wireless Home Security System is designed to provide you with years of

dependable service. The system offers you three forms of protection: burglary,

fire and emergency. To realize the systems full potential, it is important that you feel

comfortable in operating it.


The system consists of a built-in Keypad which provides full control and display of

system operation, various sensors which provide perimeter and interior burglary

protection, plus strategically placed smoke or combustion detectors designed to

provide early warning in case of fire. Your system may also have been programmed

to automatically transmit alarm or status messages over the phone lines to a central

alarm monitoring station.


This system is a user and installer friendly, programmable 16 wireless zones control

panel and is amazingly simple to operate.


- Programmable 16 Wireless zones
- Two Partition programming + Two-way Wireless Communication
- 8 User codes + 1 Master code + 1 Installer code
- RF signal strength detection, anti-jamming
- 100 meter Transmission range (without obstacle)
- Compatible with remote control arming
- Built-in buzzer and external siren output
- Advanced false alarm features + Trouble Display mode
- 2 Partition programming
- Superb lightning protection
- Review event memory function
- Walk test and System test function
- Fax bypass option
- Duress Alarm for CMS reporting
- Dual reporting for CMS and Personal format
- CMS reporting in Contact ID format
- 2 CMS accounts + programmable 2 CMS numbers
- 4 personal reporting dialing numbers
- Personal reporting in Voice tone format, available in different languages


Accessories: Wireless Magnetic Sensor, Wireless PIR Sensor, Wireless Transmitter,

Remote Controller, Indoor Wireless Bell Box, Outdoor Wireless Bell Box, Wireless

Repeater, 19V DC Adaptor


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